Valve warns the public to refrain from breathing in fumes from the Steam Deck exhaust vent

As one of the most bizarre technological stories of recent times, Steam Deck manufacturer Valve has warned people against inhaling the fumes emanating from the exhaust vent in the Steam Deck.

Valve warns the public to refrain from breathing in fumes from the Steam Deck exhaust vent

The activity has become popular in recent weeks because steam decks are notorious for their smell. Steam Deck is prone to emit a particular scent from its interiors, and taking a breath through the vent is now a favorite activity for some in social media.

Although the handheld PC been required to pass rigorous tests for safety before it was released to the market, inhaling heated fumes from inside the machine is something that was probably not discussed at an engineering meeting.

Dexerto says the fact that Valve Support was asked by one of the users "Is it safe to breathe the exhaust fumes that come from the top vents of the Steam Deck? It's somewhat of a meme to take in the exhaust fumes, but I think I kinda... like it?"

Valve's response suggested that it wasn't a great idea, and in no uncertain phrases, including "As with all electronics, it's generally not recommended to inhale exhaust fumes of the device. While there are no security concerns in general usage however, inhaling directly the device's vent fumes should be avoided.

"We know that this may be a viral meme, however we ask you to avoid this practice to ensure the safety of your health.

While it's unclear what is causing the stink, theories abound on Reddit that it is the heating of the material used in the case, and not something internal like thermal paste or any of the internal metals or parts.

Just like any other warning, the flip side is generally that it draws an increasing number of people who are interested in the subject, but smoking any type of smoke is not a good idea for your health, and doing so for meme value is not something Valve believes you should be doing.